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About Alpa

Alpa Cosmetics LTD is a private Israeli company founded in Haifa in 1933 by Mr. Laslow Brand. his son Mr. Yaakov Brand managed the company until 1998.

After joining in 1993, Mr. Ronen Shamir became the CEO of the company in 1998, and he manages the company’s business up until today.

Alpa Group imports, markets, and distributes cosmetics, toiletries, and retail products from leading worldwide brands, helping them implement and develop their strategies in the Israeli market.

Alpa group owns an independent distributing network and currently employs over 600 employees. Alpa’s logistics and distribution center is located at Bar-Lev industrial area, and its sales, marketing, and training offices are located in Herzliya. Alpa’s costumers include some of the biggest food chains and pharmacies in Israel, and other stores all around the country.

In addition, Alpa is a franchisee of many leading international brands. In 2011, Alpa founded “Alpa Jewelry”, a franchisee of Spanish jewelry and accessories brand TOUS, operating its 12 stores in Israel. In 2013, Alpa founded “Alpa Accessories LTD”, a franchisee of French bags and accessories brand LONGCHAMP, Spanish fashion brands DESIGUAL, BROWNIE, and BIMBA Y LOLA, and British fashion brand SUPERDRY, operating all their stores in israel. In 2019, Alpa also received the rights to operate CHANEL’s luxury boutiques, operating in three different locations in Israel.

In 2019, Alpa founded a Joint Venture “Alpa BDF” with German MNC Beiersdorf, further establishing its brands NIVEA and LABELLO's presence in Israel.

Alpa’s vision is to continue following its guidelines established in 1933 – growing in a competitive market while maintaining internal growth, developing existing brands while always on the lookout for opportunities with new ones, and expanding its base of products to further establish its stability.

Most importantly, Alpa aims to provide its costumers with the best international brands, newest trends, most relevant technological developments and the best available service and professional advice.

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