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חטיבת הקוסמטיקה


CHANEL is the leading fashion, perfume, make-up and care brand in the world. Gabrielle Chanel was born in the town of Saumur in France, in her youth she appeared as a Can Can dancer and there she was given her affectionate nickname Coco Chanel. Chanel opened the first hat boutique in 1913 in Deauville and broke into the world of fashion in a big way in 1921 with the opening of the legendary boutique in Paris.

Chanel is considered the leader and most prestigious in the world in the field of fashion and cosmetics.

The perfume Chanel 5 which was launched in 1921 created a new and daring language and was the first and only of its kind. Chanel 5 gave women a particularly feminine perfume routine and a new message to the perfume world. Chanel 5 is still the best selling perfume in the world.

In the field of makeup, the brand draws its inspiration from the fashion collections of house designer Karl Lagerfeld, who replaced Coco Chanel, and launches exclusive products with unprecedented creativity. The brand's care series are based on the most innovative research and its laboratories hold major international patents in the field of skin care.


Huber de Givenchy was born into an aristocratic family, was attracted to the world of high fashion in his youth and opened his first fashion boutique in Paris in 1952. Huber de Givenchy's designs for Audrey Hepburn for the movie "Sabrina" in 1953, and for the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in 1961, placed him at the forefront of the international stage as a designer with a particularly elegant and feminine stamp.

In 1957 Huber de Givenchy launched his first women's perfume L'interdit and dedicated it to Audrey Hepburn who was the first celebrity to launch a perfume, as a tribute to their brave friendship. The Givenchy make-up brand is known for the unprecedented creativity of artistic director Nicolas Deja, who launches several make-up collections a year, all based on pure play of shades that allow every woman to realize her make-up fantasies.

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In 1884, a talented Greek jeweler named Sotirio Bulgari founded a jewelry and watch brand that was named after him. Soon the brand was identified with Italian excellence that is based on craftsmanship and luxury jewelry. The first store was founded in Rome in 1884 on the famous via del condotti in front of the Spanish Steps. Over the years the brand expanded and today it is sold in over 300 stores worldwide.
135 years after the founding of the company, its reputation remains intact, the style is preserved and the uniqueness has become a recognizable symbol of the brand that respects the motifs of the company's Greek roots.
The brand began its journey in the field of perfumery in 1992 with the launch of the debut perfume: Bulgari Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert and since then the brand's perfumes have been sold around the world with great success. The brand names correspond with the design of the jewelry and watches and they are presented to the general public in packaging that looks like works of art, combining metals and stones resembling precious gems, in bright colors.
Among the best seller perfumes for men - Aqua, Blue, Men in Black and Omnia Crystalline for women.
Marketed by Alpa Group, the official importer of the brand.


The Italian brand Off-White was Founded in 2012  By the talented American designer Virgil Abloh.

The designs of the Off-White brand draw inspiration from the digital and music worlds, Expresses and distinguishes the young and bold street language, and seasonal collections that express a current cultural vision!

The logo stands out and became iconic through the pair of arrows crossed as an X, which transmit the youthful spirit of the brand.

In recent years the brand Off-White  Became popular and loved with selected collections of shoes and shirts.

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Clarins is a family French brand specializing in care and make-up that began as a classic Parisian spa in 1954 and continues to accompany the clientele in every moment of life, while providing the best care solutions for all ages and all skin needs, for women and men, with a selection of high-quality make-up and pharma products including serum, makeup Make-up, primer, face cream, oils, deodorants and more.
Since then, the Clarins brand has been leading in innovation and improving its product formulas through breakthrough scientific discoveries, formulas based on plant extracts and the close relationship with customers around the world.
As the No. 1 luxury care brand in Europe, we at Clarins are careful to maintain the core values of the brand: from the experience and expertise of the spa through the combination of science and nature, concern and listening to customers all over the world and innovation on a regular basis with a social and environmental commitment.
Clarins. The French brand specializing in leather since 1954.
Marketed by Alpa Group, the official importer of the brand.


"Ahead of her time", "tireless entrepreneur", "bold", are just some of the words that can be used to describe Elizabeth Arden, the founder of the American beauty industry, and a success story of over a century.
A woman who dared to open a beauty salon on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in those days and even went so far as to paint the entrance door to the beauty salon red. A red that cannot be ignored
Elizabeth Arden's vision of beauty was and remains a sophisticated collaboration between science and nature that allows the most natural beauty of a woman to be revealed.
The first to define the term  "Total Beauty"  which includes a combination of nutrition and fitness with patented care products and scientific developments that are still considered revolutionary breakthroughs in the field of skin care.
Among Elizabeth Arden's revolutionary and iconic developments you can find the legendary '8 hours' cream, the classic Pipet Avenue perfume or a bold red lipstick.
In the 1930s, Elizabeth Arden opened the "Red Door" salons in most fashion capitals around the world,
and proudly acknowledged her achievements by declaring that there are only three brands that are known in all corners of the world: Singer sewing machines, Coca-Cola and Elizabeth Arden. Among Elizabeth Arden products on the Chosen website you can find face care products, perfumes, body lotion, serum, make-up, capsules, deodorant and more.


The simplest and most loved fragrances for all of us that instill a sense of cleanliness and beauty.

Clean names are unisex suitable for both men and women and evoke feelings of the simplest pleasures in life.

Clean's perfume bottles are designed with elegant and fresh simplicity.

White Woods and Rain 

They will take you on a journey through the aromas of nature

Fresh Laundry, Warm Cotton  and Cool Cotton 

Wrapped in a homely and beloved scent of clean laundry.


From l'occitane

Truth in Beauty

Active care products, natural ingredients and proven results.

A skin health brand that is loyal to effectiveness and proven results.

We harness the power of nature's best active ingredients together with revolutionary technology.

Our skin-friendly formulas deliver clinically proven results you can see and feel.


Pamela Skeist-Levy and Gala Nash-Taylor founded the vibrant luxury brand Juicy Couture in California in 1997. Their vision was to establish a fashion brand with designs that would be both cute and luxurious at the same time and that would transmit a message of a unique and trendy fashion brand. Soon the brand that was intended for women expanded and adapted itself to girls as well.
The brand offers collections of shoes, swimwear, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry and perfumes.
The perfume catalog of the juicy couture brand also represents an optimistic worldview that places haute couture at the top of its list of values with designed bottles and caps that combine a fashionable accessory and of course, the deep fragrances that leave a lasting trail that conveys femininity and sensuality.
Marketed by Alpa Group, the official importer of the brand.

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From an early age, Salvatore Ferragamo's career as a designer was paved. Already at the age of 13, he designed his first women's shoes, and at the age of 14, when he immigrated from Italy to America, he quickly earned the title of "the dream designer of women's shoes." Critics called his designs "masterpieces" and the great publicity he received made Ferrago the favorite designer of Hollywood stars - ever since.
In the sixties, Fragmo expanded his activities and turned to designing clothes and accessories. Today, Pragmo's collections are marketed in prestigious boutiques all over the world and can be identified by the designer's identification mark - a ribbon that adorns both the shoes and the perfume series of the super designer - Señorina.
In 2001 Salvatore Ferragamo did it again and surprised the high fashion world with the launch of a luxury perfume collection. The perfume collection continues the designer's prestigious line, with elegant and meticulous fragrances so that it is impossible to miss that Pragmo's hands are also behind this work of art.
In the name of Pragmo marketers  By Alpa Group, the official importer of the brand.


Nitologi is a collection of fragrances that were born when science and night came together in an unexpected synthesis.

A union in perfect harmony that stands out in the powerfulness and unique contrast of the fragrances.

Together with the complexity of the raw materials and the beauty of their contrasts, Nightology perfumes create a collection of unique scent groups, full of nature and wildlife adapted to true lovers of exclusivity and the unusual.

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The Spanish are known for their love of the good life, humor and lightness. The Spanish brand El Ganzo (the goose) symbolizes exactly this lifestyle: fun, humor, lightness and optimism, which are as important to us as craftsmanship, or the quality of the products or the almost obsessive attention to detail.

El Ganzo is a brand that lives by the laws of those men and their passions.


We all know Alvin as a popular perfume, but not many know that the one who signed it is the Spanish fashion brand Jezos del Pozo.  The brand of designer Del Pozo, who was born in Madrid in 1970, turned Spain into a fashion powerhouse when he was himself one of the most influential designers in Europe as a whole and in Spain in particular.
As part of the success, in 1992 he launched the first perfume for women named after him and soon won the best perfume for women award.
In 1997 Del Pozo launched the Halloween perfume which became the most recognizable fragrance of the Del Pozo fashion house. Alvin's fragrance is popular among young and old teenage women alike.
Following the success, Halloween became a perfume line that includes Halloween X and Halloween for men and other favorite fragrances based on flower and fruit extracts, pure and light, each of which has a loyal audience.
Marketed by Alpa Group, the official importer of the brand.


John Vervotos is a well-known American men's fashion designer who has been operating since the early 2000s with a thriving fashion house named after him and offers modern men shoes, bags, belts, sunglasses and perfumes.
John Vervotos won the designer of the year award numerous times when the judges' reasons for choosing him always included compliments about his innovation and the quality line he leads in men's fashion.
He developed his brand perfumes naturally inspired by the fashion collections when he adheres to his worldview regarding male sensuality, the result is a rich world of bold, sensual and sophisticated fragrances.
The designer's perfume catalog is on the one hand classic, elegant and masculine and on the other hand rich and intriguing.  the same values that the designer adheres to in his fashion creation - he also applies to the perfumes he launches  And above all, the attention to detail and high quality that turns every item into a work of art.
Marketed by Alpa Group, the official importer of the brand.


The perfume 'CR7' named after Cristiano Ronaldo, the most successful soccer player in the world, is intended for the worldwide fan base of the global sports star. At the time of the launch of the perfume under the slogan "My fragrance, your game", Ronaldo called on his fans to live their dream and stated that this was the inspiration for the creation of his perfume.
Cristiano Ronaldo perfume which is, as he says, his secret weapon, gives him the confidence to live every day to the fullest.
According to Ronaldo, scents in his name are influenced by his personality and reflect his spontaneous and youthful nature, a fast and energetic lifestyle as he leads in both his private and public life.
Marketed by Alpa Group, the official importer of the brand.

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The prestigious perfume house of the fashion designer Jacques Bogart was founded in the seventies and since then until today produces and markets perfumes for men. The renowned designer set his sights on creating perfumes that would give new meaning to the essence of modern masculinity, convey passion for life and yet be as creative as possible.
Bogart's sense of creativity and innovation is evident in the line of perfumes he created, all based on a special blend of flowers, fruits and exotic spices. Bogart's perfumes are first and foremost elegant, contemporary, clean and represent Bogart's own worldview and design style.
Marketed by Alpa Group, the official importer of the brand.


The French fashion designer Ted Lapidus became known for the unisex fashion that he was among the first to identify and empower and also among the first to recognize what is today a hysterical trend: the military look and the safari look.
Lepidus made these looks an integral part of the haute couture line he designed in his fashion house in Paris and following him flocked the prestigious department stores and boutiques, which made these styles particularly popular.
The designer gained his main fame in the sixties when he was one of the designers especially liked by the celebrities of the time. At the time, the success was great and naturally, following it, Lane launched a perfume named after him, created in the spirit of the renowned fashion house. Powerful perfumes with Parisian chic and an elegant and refined style.
Marketed by Alpa Group, the official importer of the brand.

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Jeanne ARTHES offers perfumes that combine French knowledge and elegance, incorporating the latest market trends. The innovative and high-quality products are created according to the pure traditions of Grass and in cooperation with well-known international perfume houses.


מותג הלוקח אותנו למסע קסום בלב ליבה של פרובנס לגילוי הניחוחות, הטבע וסגנון החיים....

הוא השואב את השראתו מהטבע, הניחוחות, הגבעות הריחניות שלו, השדות הפורחים והמטעים המלבלבים וכל זאת על מנת להציע לנו את  המוצרים הטבעיים והאוטנטיים של פרובנס.

מתוך חשיבות לשמירה על איכות המוצרים נדרשה השקעה עצומה במחקר ופיתוח אשר בסיומם נוצר מפגש קסום המשלב בין טבעיות ומרקמים חושיים.

נכון לימים אלו, מרבית המוצרים מפותחים במפעל המשפחתי הממוקם בגראס, מרכז הבישום העולמי, ומבוססים על  95% רכיבים טבעיים על פי התקן הבינלאומי ( ISO 16128 ).

למותג יש בשמים, סדרות טיפוח גוף ושתי סדרות אורגניות מאושרי תקן לטיפוח עור הפנים המתמקדות בניצול  2 רכיבים עיקריים, תפוח ושקד, ליצירת שתי סדרות העונות על צרכי עור שונים.

על מנת להגיע לתוצאה מרבית, כל חלק של השקד ושל התפוח קיים בשימוש בכל מוצר, ליצירת שגרת טיפוח נוחה ופשוטה של 3 שלבים. שגרת טיפוח הפועלת בסינרגיה להשיב לעור את הרעננות את הלחות והברק שהוא כל כך זקוק להם.


The most famous pop star in the world Britney Spears broke into our lives in 1998 with the hits "Oops I did it again" and "Hit me baby one more time. Since then she is considered one of the most admired singers in the world with millions of fans and countless huge hits. But Spears does not stop at music and fulfills her fantasies also in the perfume catalog for women, the first of which was launched in 2004 and since then all of Britney Spears' perfumes have instantly become bestsellers and sold in millions of copies. To date, Spears has launched 25 different perfumes, including the well-known Fantasy perfume, and according to estimates, a Britney Spears perfume is sold every 15 seconds!
Britney's perfumes always have feminine, sweet and fresh fragrances that try to convey the messages of her happy songs: a colorful, magical, playful and bold world.
Marketed by Alpa Group, the official importer of the brand.

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