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LONGCHAMP is a prestigious fashion brand for bags and accessories that began in Paris in 1948 as a brand for bags, luggage and other leather accessories for men. The brand broke into the market in 1971 with the first women's collection in its history. In 1981 the first boutique of the brand was opened and today Longchamp products can be found in about 1,800 points of sale and in about 100 countries around the world. The brand is renewed every season with new designs and shades, innovative materials and limited bags. One of the most prominent icons of the brand is the LE PLIAGE bag, a fabric bag with a flap and leather handles that conquered the market with a unique patent that allows it to be folded into a small, flat case. The simple and comfortable design of the bag and the variety of colors it comes in have made it the best selling product of LONGCHAMP. The brand has a branch in TLV mall operated by Alpa Group - the brand's official franchisee.


Fashionable jewelry and accessories brand developed by Salvador Tous together with his wife Rosa Oriol. The Spanish family business combines his entrepreneurship with her creativity. In 1985, designer and owner Rosa Oriol conceived what became the brand's immortal icon: the bear that made history. Oriol designed an entire collection inspired by the bear that has since become the undisputed symbol of the brand, which stars in many items in its various collections and attracts a loyal clientele. TOUS offers a wide range of jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets made of a variety of materials such as: 18 carat gold, 925 sterling silver, diamonds and gems. In addition to watches, bags, wallets  and other accessories. In 2002, the brand entered the field of perfumery with perfumes of cosmopolitan fragrances and an original and unique design that captures the attention of different audiences. TOUS also has a collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses, marketed to Super-Pharm Optic branches. The TOUS brand has branches operated by Alpa Group - the brand's official franchisee.

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Thomas Mayer founded Desigual inspired by the city of Barcelona, in 1984. The unique character of Barcelona; The sun, the light and the small pleasures directly affect the character of the brand. With colorful designs full of prints, textures and patches, Mayer created a unique world of experiences that reflects his vision. Desigual's collections consist of clothes full of emotion that reflect the ambition to touch the heart of every person and make them feel alive. The clothes bring with them energy and optimism with jeans, dresses and skirts that give comfort and joy, Bold shoes, t-shirts with special prints, and a children's collection full of fun and charm - Desigual's clothes  were created to spread happiness. In 2014, the brand also entered the field of perfumery with perfumes in fragrances inspired by the pleasures of life; Love, passion and fun - Corresponding with the latest fashion trends and being inspired by them. The result is fun and provocative fragrances that are true to the brand's creative codes. The Desigual brand has branches operated by Alpa Group - the brand's official franchisee.


BIMBA Y LOLA is a Spanish brand founded in 2005. It is a multidisciplinary group of people who spread art and culture through fashion.

The BIMBA Y LOLA brand brings fresh creativity to everything it does from collaborations with artists from all over the world to leading campaigns.

BIMBA Y LOLA expresses bold creativity and optimism in all  unique items of the brand, suitable for building the perfect look: bags, accessories, jewelry, clothing and shoes.

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Spanish fashion brand BROWNIE was born in Barcelona out of the desire to offer quality women's clothing inspired by the Mediterranean region.

Originality, functionality and self-confidence are the three values leading each of the brand's clothes, shoes and accessories. All models were created and designed with the intention of making the wearer happy.

Different collections of the BROWNIE brand are a combination of timeless basic clothing items with trendy models that convey the lively and spontaneous spirit of the brand..


SUPERDRY is a young, fashionable and popular British lifestyle brand founded in 2003, the result of a collaboration between entrepreneur Julian Dunkerton and designer James Holder. Superdry's fashion items are influenced by a combination of several styles; American vintage, Japanese graphics and British style, sewn to a high level of finish from quality fabrics. These are some of the things that make SUPERDRY an attractive and unique brand.

SUPERDRY products can be obtained in 600 points of sale spanning 45 countries around the world.

The Superdry brand offers its customers a variety of premium items in several categories: clothing, footwear and accessories designed for both women and men..

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