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Every mother and father want the best for their baby and when we say best - we mean - MAM, the leading baby brand in the world.

Mothers and fathers in 58 countries around the globe have been enjoying the products of the old and professional brand for over 40 years. The brand that began its journey as a brand for the design of baby products, today offers a variety of quality products for babies and toddlers, in categories such as feeding (bottles, nipple cups, etc.), pacifiers, and toothbrushes. 

The development of the products is done in collaboration with doctors and specialist orthodontists, who specialize in the field of child development and together with the design and production team adhere to the core values of the MAM brand - among them: precision, innovation, uniqueness, maximum comfort and fit, but above all: quality and safety.

MAM is marketed by Alpa Group, the brand's official importer.


The brand of hair removal products "Orna 19" is one of the oldest brands in its field. It has been marketed in Israel for almost four decades and has earned the status of a leader in the field.
The leading product of "Orna 19" is undoubtedly the mythical depilator that gently removes unnecessary hair while maintaining the skin's natural moisture. Over the years, the company's product portfolio has expanded and today it offers a variety of hair removal products and body care series.
Among the products:  Classic hair removal cream, bikini line hair removal cream, hair removal cream for girls, microwave cold wax, perfumed body lotion and more.
Marketed by Alpa Group, the official importer of the brand.

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