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For over 100 years, NIVEA has maintained its strong and well-established position as a quality and leading brand in the skincare world. The brand is sold in over 150 countries around the world, to a loyal customer base estimated at over half a billion people.
NIVEA is a brand with a huge selection of over 500 products in different categories and for different target audiences, including men, women, and babies. All company products are manufactured exclusively by it and based on in-depth research and developed laboratories.
The brand took its first steps in the skincare world in 1911 with a white cream that was the first to combine oil in its composition and was offered to consumers in a blue tin box. It is doubtful whether the founders of the company foresaw the dizzying success of the pleasant cream with the intoxicating aroma, but the original product is sold to this day and with great success!
Among the company's most popular products are in the care sector: face cream, body cream, shaving and care products for men, deodorants, sun protection products and products for babies.

LABELLO (1).png

Labello is synonymous with lip care. The brand whose name is made up of the well-known Latin words Labium (lips) and Bellus (beauty) was founded in 1909 by the global MNC Beiersdorf, which also signs other flagship brands such as Nivea, Atrix and more. Lip care is very important in a country with hot weather like Israel, but also in cold countries where the dryness causes the sensitive and thin skin of the lips to crack, peel and be damaged. LABELLO provides both protection and care for the lips. The series includes the classic and well-known blue Labello, Labellofor men, and a variety of fruity Labellos such as: cherry, strawberry, raspberry, peach and a variety of other products.

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